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Fiona is doing well

"Hi everyone!!
I find myself overwhelmed with all of the joyous things Fiona has been doing!
Which one should I start with? The fact that she is still in remission! The fact that she has completed her treatments, radiation and immunotherapy. The fact that all her medications are lowering. So many to choose from!
The past few months have been so special for our sweet Fiona! She is doing so great and loves to learn something new each day. We have mastered potty training! Fiona also was able to have her NG tube removed and is doing amazing!
Big things in 2022!! Her blood pressure has been managed very well with the 2 medications and we are reducing one of them every few weeks. There is so much light this year and we have God and each and every single one of you for support. We still manage the after side effects of high-doses of chemotherapy and radiation. These medications affect developing organs. We have several hearing tests scheduled as we have learned that chemotherapy can damage hearing.
Fiona is such a warrior and will continue to light the world! Currently, her favorite way to start and end the day is to water the flowers outside with daddy. She has created a gnome village in the garden and we visit them and watch the butterflies and birds in our yard. We are preparing for Fiona’s 4th Birthday and that is truly spectacular!! She decided her theme must be unicorns and we are going to surprise her with a petting zoo! We have good things to look forward to in 2022!
Thank each and every one of you for your continued support! Your compassion and energy gives us strength!"

- Parents of Fiona

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