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Orphan diseases are rare

but patients with orphan diseases are numerous

In the shadow of medical progress and prosperity, many children worldwide suffer from rare and often neglected conditions, also known as orphan diseases. These conditions affect a relatively small number of people, but the impact on the lives of the affected children and their families is devastating. Through fundraising, Linum Chartiy provides financial and material support to families with children, young or old, affected by orphan diseases. We also provide support to various recognized scientific research efforts into orphan diseases.


"Your financial support for the treatment and care of orphan diseases is a valuable investment in the well-being of children, the core of families, and the building blocks of our society. Together, we can make a difference in their lives and offer hope to families facing the challenges of immune disorders and orphan diseases."

Fred Vanderbeke

Founder of Linum Charity npo in 2013

orphan diseases

Orphan diseases are rare diseases with few patients, which are severe and require costly treatments. The distressing aspect is that our social security system does not provide reimbursement for these treatments. Families facing this situation not only have to contend with the tragedy of the condition but also risk financial ruin. Without support from outside, such a scenario often becomes a disaster.

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Let's make a difference together in the lives of families affected by rare, costly orphan diseases. Our social security system falls short in reimbursing for these life-saving treatments, and families face a dual struggle - against the illness itself and against financial ruin. Linum Charity npo offers hope and assistance. Your support can prevent a disaster and bring a smile. Make a donation today and help these families build a better future.


Together, we can change lives!

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