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Positive news from Fiona

"Happy New Year everyone!! 2022 is going to be fantastic!

Time for an update from Fiona's crew! First of all, I'd like to start by saying that Fiona is doing great ❤️ We've completed 4 rounds of Immunotherapy at Nickalus Children's Hospital in Miami. Fiona is doing so well and responding to this treatment with very minimal side effects, for which we thank God!

Once a month, she undergoes treatments for 5 days. We call it a hospital sleepover - she finds it more fun. We've learned so many valuable lessons this year. We've laughed a lot and shed many tears, but now we're happy that we can enjoy another year together!

Fiona is handling this new transition so well and we're so grateful for that. Right now, we're adjusting to life at home and learning how to adapt to daily routines. It's truly beautiful when Fiona can adapt to a new routine/activity that's playful and fun rather than a medical activity she's all too familiar with. She's doing great at home! She also helps with chores. How much happier could I possibly be!? Today, we start round 5 of immunotherapy. We have every confidence that Fiona will conquer this cycle too! We thank everyone who has helped us stay positive and strong for Fiona! We love you all and wish you a happy new year!


Fight for Fiona"



- Parents of Fiona

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